Save the Bees

You know bees are in trou­ble, right? If not, check out my sto­ry on that HERE and the info linked below. 

Well, artist Matt Wil­ley of The Good of the Hive, fig­ures the bees’ cause will get more atten­tion if he reminds us how awe­some and love­ly bees are. You know, you get more done by using hon­ey…

Matt gets super pas­sion­ate and ani­mat­ed when he’s talk­ing about just how fas­ci­nat­ing bees are and how all of us becom­ing more edu­cat­ed and excit­ed will lead to pos­i­tive change. Ask him where the idea for his orga­ni­za­tion came from, and see for your­self.

Now, your task is to run over, near Burt’s Bees (the side of the build­ing that makes an alley with the North Park­ing Deck), and check out the new mur­al Matt is work­ing on in asso­ci­a­tion with Burt’s Bees employ­ees. You can see the pre-plan­ning going on in the pho­tos above, and then Burt’s employ­ees will swarm in and paint the rest of the wall mur­al flow­ers in one day to com­pli­ment Matt’s bees and hon­ey­comb art.

The design, vari­ety, real­ism and just fun of a whole wall full of bees is won­der­ful. It nice­ly com­pli­ments the hive full of live bees you can see (busi­ly) work­ing away around the cor­ner.

So we had a fan­tas­tic chat with Matt. He’s liv­ing in Asheville now, but will be in the Durham area for quite a while. We’re also excit­ed to check out a mur­al project he’ll be doing soon with Chapel Hill school kids, so stay post­ed… and spread the buzz about sav­ing the bees. (I couldn’t help myself 😉

Learn more about Matt’s projects HERE.

Edu­cate your­self on bees HERE & see my pri­or sto­ry HERE.

pho­tos by: Huth­Pho­to

at Burt’s Bees at the sweet Amer­i­can Tobac­co Cam­pus in Down­town Durham, NC

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