Boys & Girls  (& Cin­derel­la):

I snapped these DPAC employ­ees chat­ting after mak­ing announce­ments to the hun­dreds of folks who showed up for a free poster event (while kids were play all around them).

The art­work on the posters is won­der­ful, and it’s amaz­ing to see it all laid out in one place and take a few home.

DPAC is now our home­town venue for see­ing trav­el­ing Broad­way shows and it’s an amaz­ing house. In fact they are one of the top 5 venues of their type in the coun­ty. Our first Durham show was Once and it’s a big warm­fuzzy mem­o­ry for Lydia and I. Don’t get us start­ed about how much we loved that show (or singing it 😉 

Thanks DPAC!

DPAC in Down­town Durham, NC

pho­tos by: Huth­Pho­to

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