Blue Box­es:

Com­ing home from a Full Frame movie at the Car­oli­na The­ater, I had to grab this shot. 

Pho­to Geek Note: There’s not a ton done to it in post pro­cess­ing (mean­ing I don’t just do ran­dom insta­gram-y effects)—this just had the shad­ows opened up some and tweaks to sharp­ness and vibran­cy. 

I shot it like I saw it with the cool lights of evening and the LEDs… and the lone traf­fic cone stand­ing sen­tinel. 

The blue col­or is from cor­rect­ing for the sodi­um-vapor col­or of the oth­er city lights behind me with a tung­sten white bal­ance set­ting.

Mor­gan Street, Durham NC

pho­to by: Huth­Pho­to

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