ATC Tower Times Two (and camera tips!)

View of the ATC tow­er from the Bulls’ Park.

The first, warmer shot is the more nat­ur­al light, and the bluer one isn’t an effect… I was just try­ing a set­ting to cor­rect for the lights on the tow­er and see how that looked— which is kind a nice too…

This might be a chance for me to get on my pho­tog soap­box.

Learn to use the man­u­al col­or set­tings on your cam­era. The auto ‘white bal­ance’ set­ting is often pret­ty awful, so 5 min­utes learn­ing online (like HERE) and ten min­utes test­ing it on your cam­era, can give you a life­time of bet­ter look­ing pho­tos.

The key cam­era white bal­ance set­tings to learn are:

  • Sun­ny day: Try the sun or the cloudy set­ting to get nice rich, accu­rate col­or (auto is often very cool and unpleas­ant on skin­ni­ness)
  • Stage Light­ing or Indoors with­out flash: the Tung­sten light bulb icon set­ting will cool down the over­ly-warm lights
  • Flash: You’d think your cam­era knows you have the flash up and auto would work, but some­times it’s too smart for itself and picks a col­or that’s not ide­al (it’s a long sto­ry why)— so set your cam­era to the flash light­ning bolt set­ting
  • Flo­res­cent: is often not too bad with auto white bal­ance, but if your cam­era has a few choic­es, give them a try if you are get­ting too cool or green­ish light in a flo­res­cent-lit room

OK, class has end­ed. Go out and try it and let me know if you have ques­tions.

pho­tos by: Huth­Pho­to

at the Amer­i­can Tobac­co Cam­pus, Durham NC

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