We’re loving playing on the Nintento Wii that we got in late November. Was it worth chasing and standing in line for at Best Buy??… You bet!

Here are snaps of standing in line for the Wii.

PS: I hate my Treo’s camera… I can’t wait for the iPhone from Apple!

The best part of the wait was the people. Goofing off is a lost art for most of us these days, so it was refreshing to do something so weird as this and pull pranks on the folks who drove up (telling them we were in line for an ‘American Idol’ tryout… (see photos right)

We now have over 24 hours logged playing Zelda and it’s really been a fantastic time with Colin and Lydia to solve things together and fight the baddies. I never could have imagined in the old D&D 1970’s that this kind of game could have evolved for my kids!

Hey, and I got my Wii Fitness age down to the minimum of 20! Now just to hit the treadmill to make my body look worthy of that Wii age 😉

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