School of the Soldier

Bennett Place is really a gem in Durham. It’s appreciated for its historical buildings and the well-kept business records give us a peek at the everyday life of the time.

But it’s also important as a rallying point for living history events like this program where we learned so much about the daily life of the southern soldier during the civil war era (in this case the NC 6th & 26th).

There were presentations on early music that would have filtered through the camps, the skills and purpose of the drum and bugle, period kids games, regimental charges and musket firing, as well as a cooking demonstration in the Bennet house kitchen over the open fireplace.

There will be one more day of this event (9/20/15) and other events in October, as well as the popular Christmas in the Carolinas in December. There will even be a formal ball in the spring of 2016.

Bennett Place Historical Site, Durham, NC

photos by: HuthPhoto

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