Medical & Tech Photography in Durham NC

The Challenge

You know you need someone with the ability to move fast, get multiple ideas done, and collaborate well with your designers.

What will your photos look like?

The Solution

We’re screened for surgery work, fast on a Doc’s schedule and hip to HIPAA regulations.

One client at the Golisano Children’s Hospital said, “We Love Ken’s pho­tos! And it’s rare to find a photographer who can be so flexible… relat­ing as well to a tod­dler as to a neurosurgeon”

Ken Huth works with our ideas but also knows when to suggest better ones. He is hard-working, flexible and creative. He can meet difficult deadlines. He is easy to work with. And he takes very good photographs.
Michael Wentzel

Public Relations and Communications Editor, Rochester Medicine Magazine, University of Rochester Medical Center

Research images that get across the excitement of the project

We're cleared for surgery and understand your HIPAA needs

We can work flexible around real situations on the floor, and capture more true to life images

We build image files that clients like the Duke School of Nursing can use for several years

Our unique visual viewpoint will make your publications stand out

Let’s meet for cup of coffee and talk.

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