Portrait Styles & Backgrounds

There are lots of names for different portrait styles… let us make it easy for you:


(Click category below for details & examples)

Formal Portrait

Formal Portrait (with Studio Backdrop or in Environment): This is the head & shoulders, looking at the camera, dressed-up, studio lighted shot. ( note ‘head & shoulders’ or ‘full length’) In a formal portrait, decide if you want a plain/studio background or a simple portion of the environment as the background.

Environmental Portrait

Environmental Portrait: No, it doesn’t mean we’re ‘going green’, it’s just a little more casual portrait style.We loosen-up a little and show even more of the environment around the subject—whether a board room, or a locker room—That’s an environmental portrait . Environmental portraits are great for newsletters, brochures, and places you want a more comfortable/relaxed feel.

Candid Portriat

Candid Portrait: The candid portrait or action shot shows the subject actually (or set-up to look like they are…) doing their work.






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