Having a great time with Leopard… Quicklook is amazing (you can see a full-screen look at any document/photo/etc without opening any application…look at a Word doc without opening Word, see a photo preview instantly by clicking the space bar!).

Anyway, I still use Photoshop CS1, since Aperture, I’m more about workflow than the newer gadgets in Photoshop… anyway, if it helps anyone else:
After doing a clean install of CS1 I wanted to get my work spaces back and couldn’t find them in the Photoshop folder with the other settings… They turn out to be in your User folder, then Library, then Preferences and you’ll see a number of those prefs starting with ‘Adobe’ near the top of your list.

Moving those from my previous folder (you did back up, didn’t you??!) to the new folder brought back my beloved Work Spaces.

Everything is running much faster under Leopard and there are only a very few minor bugs (and OKI hasn’t put out new drivers for my office printer yet).

I’m really enjoying it!

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