Ah, so my friend just told me he’s been out of work for 7 months and he’s wondering about photography for money… but money is tight. (We’re just getting back in touch thanks to FaceBook).

If money is tight… start with the low end on cameras and make shooting earn the next steps… but you do have to start with something like the Rebel and lens and a flash, so still around $900-$1000. Too bad you weren’t around here, I could loan you some older stuff like I do with some of my young associate shooters.

No matter what you end up doing full time in the future, it’s great way to make money here and there…

For now, take any digital camera you have and shoot tons and learn lots online.

Tips from the Top Floor Podcast

Here are a few good sites:

Strobist : Great lighting with inexpensive Flash

Tips From the Top Floor Podcast : Creative Photogaphy

Start to talk to people about wanting to get going and see what they say. If things are just right, maybe you can get the first couple hundred from a good shoot with someone that will prepay (like a family person needing some family portraits… or get creative and have like 2 or 3 families who have kids in little league pay for you to come to 2 or 3 games and you’ll give them all the photos… maybe rent a long lens.

There are lots of ways to start. BUT you have to have the eye and some talent. Also sign up for free online stuff so people can see your photos quick… like Flickr and a WordPress blog.

Good luck man!

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