Ordering System & Rights

Normal Photo Ordering System

After the shoot, we pare down the photos to the best images (getting rid of blinks, poor exposure, redundant frames). Your photos are given a quick ‘light prep’  by Ken and you get an easy download link to get a folder of everything.

The Steps:

  • Ken prepares all good images from the shoot to be in the ballpark for general use (He calls it ‘a light prep’), but they are not Photoshop retouched
  • You can order specific images you need to have a ‘full prep’ retouched if needed
  • You are emailed a link to our Cloud Delivery site to download the prepped files within 5 business days
  • If you’d like online editing, photos can be posted to HuthPhoto.com several days after the shoot (Rush available)

 Usage Rights:

Prepped images come with unlimited reuse rights (for your company only of course). The lightly prepped images are OK for snapshots, or basic internal use, but I suggest that any important usage (Publications, Web Banners, Nice Donor Gift Prints, etc)  get ordered through me.

Cost Example: 

As a rough example: a PR two hour shoot might generate 300 images, about 100 would be delivered.  For  glossy publications, a client might order 10 to be prepped for $10 each, $100 total.

Who owns the Copyright?

HuthPhoto retains the copyright on all images.

I give unlimited reuse rights to clients on all images I deliver to you (for use within your organization only, of course).

With unlimited reuse rights, I’m not sure why an organization would need the copyright too. I like to maintain the copyright, since it’s my creative work.  But, if your organization has a firm policy on buying the copyright to the images (meaning that you could then sell the image, etc), then that could be negotiated at a fee closer to 100% of the shoot.


What can I do with the lightly prepped images you delivered?

You know Ken, he doesn’t stress too much and certainly won’t go chasing you down if you use an unprepped file…

Here’s the goal:

We both want only the best images to represent you in public.

Why does it matter?

  • I’ve seen photos get used that are really bad. Even first-class clients and designers sometimes get rushed and don’t check a shot out well enough.
  • Having it prepped by Ken ensures quality and saves you stress.
  • Critical things I catch and retouch:  a gapping shirt or lingerie strap on a lady donor… or a rude gesture or TShirt on a kid, a Bathroom sign… you just dont want that to get published. Often in a rush, editing from a smaller file, you might miss those things.
  •  I also often throw in free alternate images that I find in the series that might work better for you.
  • Remember, It’s only $10 to have an image prepped, so why not do it right?


What uses are OK then?

  • Giving the files to designers to play around with for a publication (often called FPO Images… For Placement Only)
  • Making a snapshot to stick on your bulletin board, for your files, a quick donor giveaway
  •  Casual web use (not prominent, like a banner, etc)
  • In-house/small newsletter

Do you have your own in-house design/Photoshop pro staff?

  • Discuss this with Ken. For long-term clients who are totally set up to do the prep work, I’m fine with your doing it. That fulfills the goal above, right?
  • In my experience though, clients have told me that even when they can do the prep themselves, they often prefer to have Ken do it as it’s a great value at $10/image for his level of Photoshop skill. They say their staff are busy enough and it’s a savings to them.

Final thoughts:

I realize that sometimes you have a crazy rush, etc and I understand. But please remember that the more prominent the use of the photo, the more it’s worth having it properly prepped.

How do we credit you on publication?

When possible please credit:


(or Ken A. Huth Photography)

If images are used on the web, please consider linking to my web site where your visitors can see more photos I’ve done for you:


If you are really pleased with my work and have a links area, consider adding me there.

 If you’d like to include my logo (with my unexcelled thanks!)

Right-button click to download this image:

How long do you keep photos from my event?

We maintain our photo archive from all events, but clients are the first and best archive of your own images. Please download your photos within a week of our sending the delivery link (we pay for a high-speed delivery server, and clean it off regularly).
After the initial delivery of your photos, we suggest you back them up in several places for safety (ask us for our tip sheet on organizing your photos).
If you’ve misplaced your images, we’re happy to resend them, but after 6 months, there may be a charge for pulling the images from file & delivery.
Long-term, we backup all clients images—but the responsibility to protect them after our delivery is yours (just like you do with any item you purchase).


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