Leonard Nimoy chatting with an Israeli serviceman

Had a shoot last night that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. I’m a geek, as you all know, and when I got the assignment to do the Leonard Nimoy event for the Jewish Federation of Rochester, I got pumped.

He’s had a broad career from Spock to classic BW photography and must have one of the most recognizable voices to my generation.

Anyway, nice event as always by the JFed and Mr. Nimoy was very gracious to the guests. And yes, some folks called him Spock and one even said “Where’s your Star Wars [sic] outfit?!” Mr. Nimoy looks very well for 75 and admits to good genes and working out. He’s also had a photo show in LA recently.

When someone asked about his favorite episode, I wondered what he’d say, but after the normal demurring and ‘I liked them all’ kind of thing, he did actually note one he really enjoyed… leave a comment with which one you think it was, and I’ll answer in a bit.

Comments (from my old blog):
Good heavens… I would have a few guesses: Tribbles, Pon Farr (Jamie’s cousin?), Spock’s Brain, The Romulan Incident… titles of the actual episodes escape me, but you get the idea.
Monday, September 18, 2006 – 04:30 PM

Ah, RC2, I think you’ve hit on it with one of those, but I’m never sure of the names either. I’ll reveal all (well, not really all!) later.

BTW, Weird Al’s MySpace site has the ‘White and Nerdy‘ video which is a hoot and refs Kirk vs. Picard…

Thursday, September 21, 2006 – 00:36 AM

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