I’ve been asked to have students ‘shadow’ me and once I did a ‘mock interview’ with young photo students.

Here are a few questions I worked up as possibles for the interview. If you are a young photo student, maybe thinking about these things will give you a peek inside what a pro (read: decrepit old shooter 😉 thinks is relevant. Or what a photo editor might ask you in an interview.

Post your comments and thoughts about the questions (or some of your answers) below.


Years of shooting

Magazines/web sites they like


Example of how you’ve worked on a team… how did it go?

Brought camera? Tell me about the camera features you like

Computer/Photoshop experience

How do you track and backup your photos?

Digital vs. Film thoughts (this was a few years ago)

Most enjoyable shoot/assignment you’ve ever done

Biggest mistake you’ve made shooting and how you worked it out

Future plans

Tell me about yourself: hobbies, personality, passions, work history

Brought photos to show me?

What’s the current/last book you read (photo or otherwise)

What does the phrase ‘The Decisive Moment’ mean

What world leader is…. (me pick a current topic)

How would you: Get a subject sharp and the background ‘soft’

Get a sharp photos at a daytime Baseball game

Get good photos of your school’s musical

Let’s say I’m giving you this assignment…tell me everyting you would do from this second on through my getting finished images (shoot: Visiting author at a elementary class, or President at the Convention Center)

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