So one of the reasons I finally bailed on Nikon cameras was that their pitiful Pro Services. It was more like the ‘Professionally ignoring shooters’ arm of the Nikon business.

I had one repair into their ‘pro expedited service’ and after a few weeks I finally called, (after being on hold for a while) and they shuffled through some paperwork, found my lens repair and said they’d get on it… I’ve said before, one lens repair (on a $1500 lens), when looked at by the Non-NPS repair shop.. they said ‘Who repaired this lens last??!) It was so poorly done by Nikon Pro.

This Monday I sent our a flash repair to Canon , and today (Wednesday) I got the repair approval via e-mail (easy peasy) and since I pre-approved, it’s in process now. Should be done within 3 days.

This year Canon has switched to a tiered pro service setup, but I got the same great service on my last repair of a body under their old system. I do pay now $100/year for my (middle level) of service. There’s a free level below, and at my level, I get 2 free body cleanings a year, free return shipping and 30% off repairs… so it’ll pay for itself. The big thing for me is that Canon seems to be treating us pros like we need to be treated to keep shooting. And frankly, my Canon equipment has been holding up better than my Nikon equipment ever did. Ah, the joys of not having to re-glue my camera grips back onto a $5000 camera… bliss.

I’m not a famous national guy, but how many of them are there to all of us local working pros that need repairs done right and fast, and want to be taken care of just like we take care of our clients?

Oh, and they send fun things with the membership… a new, really nice Canon Pro CPS camera strap, etc. And the silly thing I love is the preprinted labels for repairs… nice job CPS.

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