One of the really neat things about what I do is working with a team of people over a period of years.

I just wrapped up the RIT Alumni Sports Hall of Fame and it got me thinking about how nice it is to know and be part of clients’ lives as friends.

I’ve been working with RIT for over 17 years now and we’re a lot like family (hence the kiss above from my Interpreter friends above… we get to sit together at lots of dinners and visit and laugh about things…) Barbara Carney is like a second Mom, and we’re more likely to talk about deep, life things when we meet than ‘nice event, isn’t it’ kinda chatter. Barbara was there while Lisa and I were deciding what to do as we has three miscarriages… and as we were finally blessed with Oliver last year.

Rob Grow just completely trusts me to do my thing for events as huge as the 3 days of shooting for the alumni weekend. For the past several events, he’s given me free reign with what photos go on the screen to be seen by hundreds of important guests… including my deciding on goofy photos of Dr. Simone!

So, I’m just all warm and fuzzy tonight, appreciating that I get to know so many clients very well … like you Dresden, and Mare, and Julia Hahn, and the Fisher Alumni Gang, the amazing folks at the UR Med Alumni Department… and Mary Jane and John Walker… and… and…and…

It really is a wonderful career. It’s been a great twenty years here in Rochester (group hug) 🙂


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