(Or how I got my Podcast mic)

Whew, we just averted a major incident here in little Williamson. The FedX guy and the UPS guy both delivered to the house at the same time!
I shouted for them to remain calm and not start a gang turf war.
They were cool about my acting like an idiot and the best part is they delivered Colin’s big Lego order and better still, my Blue Microphone.
ApertureCast here I come.

By the way, if you are the Avon Lady that had her box left in the rain in Wolcott… it was neither of these guys.
Must be DHL 😉

Some Comments from my old Blog about this post:
Hi, Ken. Nice Web site. It appears you’re using the iWeb program to create and publish Web pages on a Mac. I recently bought a Mac and started playing with the iWeb software – are you pleased with it?

Also, it appears that your iWeb pages are presented cohesively as part of your huthphoto Web site. I didn’t feel as if I’d left your professional site and gone to a .mac site to view your family pages. If you integrated .mac pages with your professional Web site, how did you do it?

For instance, here:

I’d like to have my main page hosted, say, by Yahoo!, which then would point to .mac pages, but I was concerned it would be too abrupt to be cohesive. You seem to have mastered that problem!
Friday, July 14, 2006 – 09:45 AM

Hi Travis, thanks so much for checking the site and blog out (and the nice comments too.)
I use RapidWeaver for the main frame of the site (it’s a Mac only program that makes it easy to create very nice sites using CSS)

RapidWeaver lets you create a pretty flexible kind of frame around any external page. So, you are right, you caught me using Apple’s iWeb for my kids sites and this blog. I use iWeb because of the awesome look of the pages and control of the Blog. For the kids, it’s easy to use and totally hooks them up with iPhoto for photo galleries and GarageBand for Podcasts.

RapidWeave comes with ‘themes’ like PowerPoint or Keynote, so it’s extremely easy to change the look of your site, and not to look too cookie-cutter like other template sites.

Enjoy the new Mac and shout again with any questions. Post the link to your site here when you get it online, so we all can check it out.
Saturday, July 15, 2006 – 10:50 PM

One more thing… companies are coming out all the time with themes for RW like this:
Elixer Graphics

So you can pick amazing looking themes for around $10-$20.

Also, RW has is just releasing version 3.5 in Beta, so it keeps getting better and better.
Saturday, July 15, 2006 – 11:06 PM

Hi, Ken. Thanks very much for the information regarding RapidWeaver! That was a new one to me, so I read about it, and purchased it. I’m having all kinds of fun working with it, trying to learn it from the beginnng. It looks really easy to use.

Why is it that I always seem to stumble upon these cool software applications at the end of the weekend? Thanks again for the great tip, and I’ll be back with more questions before you know it.
Sunday, July 16, 2006 – 07:27 PM

lidie girl
hey dad! nice thingy.
Tuesday, August 1, 2006 – 05:00 PM

MicMan Ken
Now I’m using my cool new mic for Podcasts!

(geeks can skip this section)

What’s a Podcast? Its an easy, internet way to get audio and video info to people… kind of like internet radio that you can subscribe to and have delivered to your computer daily.
Please check out the Podcasts link at the top of this page to see how you can listen online or subscribe.
Tuesday, August 8, 2006 – 02:40 PM

Hi, Ken. I enjoyed listening to your podcast. The technology is mind-boggling these days. If I didn’t have an actual job, I’d stay home all day and master these software options!

A question about your Blue Snowball mic… Is that what you used for the podcast? What are your thoughts about the mic? I’ve read lots of praise, but also lots of criticism about regular voice recording with the mic – people saying the playback level is too soft… apparently Blue is coming up with some sort of software patch.

One last question to get a handle on the quality of your podcast audio. Were you using a pop filter? Thanks!
Thursday, August 10, 2006 – 10:17 AM

I really love the Blue Snowball. If anything, I think it’s too loud and I have to keep it down in the setup (on Mac, under System Prefs/Sound I had to lower it to the mid-level default setting, compared to my previous (Griffin Lav mic)
I think the sound quality is similar to pro mics I’ve used at radio stations. Really wonderful and rich.

I still haven’t totally figured out the best sound. I didn’t use a pop-screen, but plan to fake one (the pantyhose on hanger trick!). I tried not to pop and had the mic a bit to one side. I use Garageband to record and the ‘Radio voice Male’ is the setting I choose.

I’ve searched for a better mic for ages, and when I had the Apple $$ they rebated us early Aperture adopters, I jumped at the chance to get the snowball from the Apple store.
It’s also very versatile, with 3 switchable settings. I prefer #1 (the cartoid, not Omni) for voice.

Oh, and I do see an update on their site

Thanks for asking! Tell your friends about the podcast. The client one will be out by the end of the week and I’ll get iTunes listing.
Thursday, August 10, 2006 – 10:35 AM

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