For the URMC Discovery Ball, we created several huge displays. This one was about 20 feet wide and was the scrim that then opened at the transition to the dinner hour. It is 16×9 format HD and it included a timelapse of a two hour sunset from the new Wilmot Cancer Center building.

Over about 10 minutes, you could see the sunset through the windows, while people came and went, cars drove by and the lights came on… it was a big hit and guests stood there just watching it. The display then included some of my ‘beauty views’ of the new building from the outside fading toward sunset.

Thanks to Ron Cronk for his help during the 3 hours we worked on this shoot!


This display of our work was 5′ tall prints (thanks to some great help from our local Kodak friends!)

The goal was really to bring the new building to the guests.

Thanks for the fun, creative projects Kim & everyone at URMC & the Cancer Center!

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