Some Notes on Working With HuthPhoto:


When do you charge Day Rate vs Hourly?


The normal split between ‘day rate’ and ‘hourly rate’ is the type of shooting and the usage.


A quick publication shoot is billed by the hour. Long shoots, brochures, Viewbooks and large file shoots all bill by the half-day.


I’m always happy to give you an estimate in advance so you know, and if there’s ever a great project you need, and you just don’t have the budget… you could tell me the budget and I’d be happy to suggest ways to get the job done within what you can afford.


I even have our PhotoTeam associates that can put a less expensive shooting package together for you when you don’t need the full ‘Ken treatment’.








Why a Minimum Time Fee?


A note on why I bill for any minimum time.


For short Publication shoots, I have a 2 hour minimum shoot fee.


Minimum time covers more than just time with the camera in hand, it compensates us for shoot planning, image prep time, office time— to be financially viable, a minimum fee allows us to do everything needed for your complete photo project. 





How is time calculated & additional hours billed?


I bill for total time on the clients site, including hauling lights in and setup when needed, planning out the shoot with the client, scouting locations, etc… and I have a 2 hour minimum for publication shoots and then bill for each additional half-hour.



A few last pricing thoughts & examples...


My current rates are HERE


As an example:


If you have us come in for 2 hours for a publication shoot, or an event, you can expect an estimate around $500. Longer events like Balls/Galas and full Publication Features ( 4-5 hours of shooting, lots of image prep) are often around $1100. Corporate shoots with lighting, etc start at $1500 for a four hour half-day.


A personal note…


For my last camera upgrade, I spend $7000 on new equipment and over $30,000 in the last 5 years… I pay my own health care, business insurance, etc… and I’ve been shooting for over 25 years, so my rates are based on real financial needs and my experience and skills.



... But I don't have a budget big enough, am I stuck?


I understand that a client’s budget might not always make the 2 hour minimum, or my rates.


I can help by suggesting an associated photographer through our PhotoTeam that can do a modified version of the work for less.




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