I’ve been retouching some images lately in Photoshop and the way I work reminds me of the adage ‘It’s often easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission’.

What does that have to do with Photoshop? Where’s the ‘forgiveness’ tool?

Well, it’s called the ‘History Brush’ and the way it plays out is that it’s often easier to do a quick and dirty retouching (get that Exit sign out from behind the subject’s head) and not worry too much about if you spill the retouching over onto the subject themselves.

They use your History Brush, with a small brush size and ‘history back’ over the subject to clean up the mess you left.

That’s much faster than being meticulous in your retouch or making the perfect selection around an object.

Give it a try. And remember that you can set the History point anywhere in your History palette list, so click on the box next to the History state that was right before your sloppy retouch.

Happy Sloppy Retouching!

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