Quick silly tip…to keep organized:

If you are doing tons of photo locations (Like many different buildings, or as above, different classrooms) you can easily keep visual track of where you were and easily spot the transitions from one location to another by taking a photo-note like this.

It all started when I was taught that in sports if you shoot photos of the scoreboard periodically, you could keep your film (f’- ill- mmm’: The plasticy stuff that preceded digital capture) in order. From there, I’ve branched out to taking a quick photo of a school’s name before going in and then taking a photo of those standard xeroxed ‘Seminar Session 123: The Health Benefits of Coffee’ signs that are always outside of rooms at large conference events.

The photo above was to used to track which class I was in for a courseguide in the Rush-Henrietta Schools.

You could even shoot the subject’s name or a note about a photo someone wants for you. I’m always losing scraps of paper from shoots, but I never lose a photo, and it’s a great reminder right there with your event images!

It also is the perfect visual key for your clients who might have to edit your photos.

So the next time you have to shoot lots of similar looking things, do yourself a favor and take a quick photo note so you know where you were.

Happy low-stress shooting!


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