If someone asks me one more time on a shoot ‘Hey, how many mexapixels does that camera have??’ I’m going to scream.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Hhhhh, whew, that felt good.

Cameras ALL have enough megapixels now, they have for several years and any camer you buy will have enough resolution to make photos 8×10″, 11×17″ and if you want bigger, Genuine Fractals is only a few dollars purchase away. With GF you can get (from a nice file) any size image you need.

So relax with the pixel questions… I’m sure folks are just trying to be interested and that’s the thing they know to ask (or show they are hip to digital photo lingo đŸ˜‰

What should we ask?
Ask me if they camera has any cool features, or what my favorite cameras are now, or how to improve shots you are having trouble with, or ANYTHING but about the specs of my camera.

I’m bored stiff about MP and it shows the marketing twonks who sell cameras have people focused on buying more than they need and avoiding the real needs like good menu systems, bright lenses, flash that looks good, etc.

(end of rant)

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