A young photo-friend just asked about what current Canon lenses I like and what I’m up to… here’s what I said:

Since I switched to Canon, I bought exactly the lens kit I wanted and love them all. A 24-70 F4 came with one body and it’s a great ‘event’ lens. My favorite lens is the 70-200 F2.8 IS EDIF… beautiful lens, flexible for theatre (no need to switch lenses), just stunningly sharp with beautiful soft backgrounds at 2.8. There’s a new version out January 2010 that’s supposed to be even better.


I bought a 16-35 F2.8 that is fantastic as well. It has some cool wide ‘style’ to it, is great in low light. And it’s fairly flat (as much as possible) at the edges, so it’s very usable for groups, etc.

Since I bought it all exactly what I needed, there’s nothing to sell off yet. Eventually I might sell my first gen 5D, which is full frame, but I keep it as a backup in my car. I bought the Canon T2i for the HD video and as a light backup second body, and for video and for megapixels, it’s terrific… but it’s built so light, you couldn’t use it as a main body.

Much of what I’ve been learning over the last 2 years has been flexible, small lighting. Check out Strobist and the book ‘Hot Shoe Diaries‘ for that… and good luck!

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