HuthPhoto COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Prepared. Period.

We know it’s a crazy time in your organization, and the last thing you need is to worry if your vendors will give you COVID-19 stresses.

Check out our experience and training below, including some photos of our policies in action on client sites.

poster with a bull in a medical mask saying 'Mask Required for Entry'

Get in touch any time to let us help you plan the safest possible session for your organization.

Use the CDC Symptom Checker:

Graphic saying Certificate of Completion' from Count on Me NC for HuthPhoto

COVID-19 Prepared

Rest assured, HuthPhoto has up-to-date COVID-19 procedures in place.

Our team has been vaccinated from day 1 of eligibility, and we’re trusted by our healthcare clients with their photography.

During the COVID-19 outbreak we will use the same cleaning & screening procedures we use for hospital OR photography on your assignments.

This means we’ll wipe equipment with antiseptic wipes, scrub our hands for 30 seconds/use hand sanitizer, maintain social-distancing, and monitor our Team’s health with temp checks, and keep them COVID-educated.

We gladly mask up, and use other PPE as the situation dictates, and can clearly mark our photo sites for social-distancing. 

We’re prepared, and you get the benefit of our Duke Health safety training for sterile procedures, as well as our Count on Me NC COVID specific training. 

our COVID Policies

in action

We don’t just write up nice statements — we’ve been using these policies since day one of our client’s reopenings. In fact, clients have contacted us for our help to form their own COVID safety policies for photo shoots.

image of COVID masked woman in a safe photo portrait setup outside
grid of masked portrait subjects
indoor safe photo space with COVID signage

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