Several companies have come out with these card readers for snapshot camera cards (like my Nikon S10’s SD card).

I’ve found my multi-format readers have kind of a cheesy opening setup for the smaller cards, so these are great as they are dedicated to the small cards and work smoothly.

But wait… there’s more. They are so small and of the thumb drive format (flash drives), that they can double as thumb drives with removable SD card memory. So you won’t be stuck using a 256Meg Thumbdrive… and you’ll have a great use for your smaller camera cards. Win…win.

The Kingston you see above has the card go in on the left and the right side is a USB2.0 plug. It’s less than 3” long. I paid about $17 for this reader with a 1 Gig Kingston SD card (a good brand) from

This reader does the same as the Kingston, but has caps that stay attached and looks cooler 😉

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