Clybourne Park @ Geva Theatre

What an amazing premise for a show: In act one, you see the family that sold their house to the Younger family in Raisin in the Sun. So, knowing both sides of that deal is a great plot, but this family has their own issues to work through… and you’ll learn all about that by seeing the play at Geva HERE. Then in act two, you see the roles reversed (and beautifully presented by the full cast doubling new characters 50 years later), as the same house is being bought by a white couple, with plans to pretty much wipe the old building out.

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This is one of those shows you should see with family and close friends (see the content/language warning on Geva’s site) and you’ll be discussing the topics for days. Many shows have a character that is essentially the viewer projected up on the stage. In Clybourne Park, I see it as Albert/Kevin… just watching as everything implodes around him, and trying to be kind and get along with everyone… who knows, maybe I’m just projecting for me, but I thought that was such a necessary character, for us to see a ‘sane man’ role up there.

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Show Credits:

  • Kristen Adele as Fran/Lena
  • John Cummings as Kenneth
  • Jessica Kitchens as Betsy/Lindsay
  • Skip Greer as Russ/Dan
  • Christian Pedersen as Karl/Steve
  • Jim Poulos as Jim/Tom
  • Roya Shanks as Bev/Kathy
  • Daniel Morgan Shelley as Albert/Kevin

Created By: Bruce Norris
Director: Mark Cuddy
Scenic and Costume Designer: G.W. Mercier
Lighting Designer: Anne Wrightson
Sound Designer: Lindsay Jones
Dramaturg: Jenni Werner

Co-produced with Cleveland Play House

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