This is the biggest change in camera tech in about ten years, and really answers a lot of people’s real needs (not just adding bells & whistles and selling more megapixels). This is all about getting better photos, with a camera you love to grab and take everywhere! This info might apply to individuals as well as companies, but the focus is on business PR clients buying a camera to take great photos.

Which Camera Should I Buy For Business/Organization Clients?

Fuji X20 promo

FujiFilm’s web site has tons of info… and look how compact the camera is!

The basic choice is always snap camera (most brands are just fine… I’ve liked Canon better lately), then SLR like the Canon Rebel is what I recommended before (better quality, better in low light, can add flash).

But now the ‘mirrorless’ cameras are a wonderful middle.

They have nice zooms, some built in, some you can even buy separate lenses. The built in flash quality is good and you can add external flash (unlike snapshot cameras). And the price is just a tad more than the better snap cameras (about $100 more at $500). Which is less than going the Rebel route.

All do full HD video as well, and some have really useful flip out LCD screens for low or high-angle shooting.

I think the sweet spot for many clients & organizations is the Fuji X30 for $500 (the new version of what Lydia has in the photo below):
Learn about the Fuji X30 on Amazon

With the built-in WiFi, you can push a button and get the photo right onto your smartphone to post instantly to social media. Your tweets now don’t have to just be iPhone snaps, they can be full quality images.

The next step up is my Fuji X-E2, which is a really nice step in quality ($999 with lens): 
Learn about the FujiX-E2 on Amazon

You trade small size for the ability to add lenses in the future. It also has a nicer, funky pop-up flash. I still recommend getting a real flash to go with any camera, but it’s a start.

I think the Fuji X10 is an awesome snap camera/learning camera for $350. It’s what I used to talk this photo below in Durham:
Learn about the Fuji X10 on Amazon


Lydia with X10-HuthPhoto-DSCF2967

Lydia using the X20, taken by me on the very inexpensive Fuji X10. Love their BW mode, lovely tones.

Why are these cameras so awesome?

  • They have all of the things you need to learn or take great shots very accessible on dials, etc.
  • The color and sharpness of the images is wonderful.
  • They have very ‘bright’ lenses, which help indoors and to get that lovely, soft background.
  • They are much easier to take places, carry around that the big SLRs. So you’ll really use it.
  • They have a cool, retro look that starts conversations.
  • Many have the expansion of SLRs, but at a more sane price
  • The size makes a full camera/lens/flash much smaller to tote around or fly with.
  • It’s hard to describe, but they just are so solid, set up right, you just want to grab it and use it.


Check out the photos I got with the least expensive of the family, the FujiX10 HERE.


Why Might I Want a Bigger DSLR Camera Instead?

You might have specific needs that would be well served with the larger, DSLR camera (you know, the larger cameras where you change the lenses). Maybe you’ve already invested in decent lenses and so it makes sense, or maybe you take lots of photos of stage productions or in super-dim environments— then a DSLR is still a great choice.

Here’s a sample kit that would serve you well:

  • Canon 7Dii (make sure it’s not the old 7D but the new 2nd generation) or even better the Canon 6D (about $300 more, and better in low light). The 6D with a nice lens and flash is about $2800 new (see below for refurbished deals note)
  • Canon 430EX II Flash gives power for those group photos and allows pointing up to the ceiling for simple, lovely bounce flash
  • If you don’t have a lens, you can actually go a tad cheaper on them these days, because the cameras have such amazing hight ISO speed, if the lens ends up at F4 or F5.6, you aren’t in trouble for too-dark photos
  • As always, get a second camera battery, 2 sets of NiMH rechargeables for the flash, a clear ‘skylight’ filter to protect your lens, etc
  • Get great deals on this equipment from Canon’s Refurbished Store Bodies, Lenses & FlashWe buy a lot of equipment this way & Canon still warranties the products. Things come and go out of stock, so you do have to be patient on when you purchase.
  • Fuji SLR? And if I got you considering the FujiFilm cameras above, they also have a nifty SLR the X-T1 . With a nice lens, it’s a good bit less cost than the Canons. Here’s the compatible flash the EF-42You can get the whole kit for about $2100.


One last DIY tip:

You can always do great research, see sample images etc on my favorite camera site Digital Photo Review


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