Sweeney Todd @ Geva Theatre Center  

Geva is doing a fantastic job with the dark tale of Sweeney Todd. I’ve loved the whole process, from reading the play, watching the DVD of the Broadway cast… and even especially the crazy fire drill we had during final dress!

Fire drill during final dress of Sweeney Todd

The cast of Sweeney Todd @ Geva Theatre Center stormed the streets of Rochester… OK, we had a fire drill during final dress… I guess cuz’ they are so dang hot! There we were on the street at 11pm, freezing cold… but as theatre folks do, we had a blast. They wanted snaps goofing off and shots of them with the firemen. Then we all traipsed back in and in five minutes got back to the show… what a fun memory. My best to everyone on the run. Really one of my favorite memories from my 17 seasons at Geva!

HuthPhoto_KAH_7371.jpg HuthPhoto_KAH_7350.jpg


See, even on the bad streets of Rochester, the fair Johanna is protected by her lover 🙂

HuthPhoto_KAH_7332.jpg HuthPhoto_KAH_7342.jpg HuthPhoto_KAH_7397.jpg

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