Photo Credit: Lydia Huth

I just wrapped up a great Reunion for the doctors and nurses at the University of Rochester. I did two cool Wow! Presentations for the Nursing Reunion and after they offered free copies to the attendees.

How many people signed up for VHS copies?
You don’t need a Magic 8 Ball to guess that most people want DVD, but even I was surprised to see the numbers: 40 DVD’s and only 2 VHS tapes. And this was a 50 year group, who you’d expect to be the later adopters of the new tech.

So that transition is over. Plan for that if you need to give out media to the public. I’m thrilled, since DVD’s ship better, dupe faster and are a better product in all respects.

In similar news, I don’t think anyone has mentioned shooting film in over a year now… I bought my last 20 rolls of film around Christmas 2004 and never used them up, so I gave what was left to my Mother-in-Law.

Wonder what’s next? If you know, leave a comment below!

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