I was talking a while back to two young photographers. One was very shy and polite, the other was a born actress and very outgoing.
Did they get different images?
You bet. All technical issues aside, the one thing that differentiated them was how close they were willing to get to their subject.
My polite student liked to stay back and not get in anyones way and the actress, well, she knew everyone loved having their photo taken (and talking to her as well!).
So, what’s the lesson?
For great images, you have to forget yourself a bit, get in close (without being a total jerk) and get the best shot. People can just feel how close you were when they see the image… and they love it.

1/4000th of a second Shutter Speed is pretty cool too!

These shots from the YMCA Rochester ‘Big Event’ @ Camp Arrowhead are a variation on that idea. Sometimes getting in close means getting wet. Good thing the D200 is pretty water-tight, but I did lose a few shots to spots on the lens…so remember to keep drying it off.
But that’s a whole lot of Summer splashing toward the viewer there, and it makes for a much better shot.

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