I was talk­ing a while back to two young pho­tog­ra­phers. One was very shy and polite, the oth­er was a born actress and very out­go­ing.
Did they get dif­fer­ent images?
You bet. All tech­ni­cal issues aside, the one thing that dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed them was how close they were will­ing to get to their sub­ject.
My polite stu­dent liked to stay back and not get in any­ones way and the actress, well, she knew every­one loved hav­ing their pho­to tak­en (and talk­ing to her as well!).
So, what’s the les­son?
For great images, you have to for­get your­self a bit, get in close (with­out being a total jerk) and get the best shot. Peo­ple can just feel how close you were when they see the image… and they love it.

1/4000th of a sec­ond Shut­ter Speed is pret­ty cool too!

These shots from the YMCA Rochester ‘Big Event’ @ Camp Arrow­head are a vari­a­tion on that idea. Some­times get­ting in close means get­ting wet. Good thing the D200 is pret­ty water-tight, but I did lose a few shots to spots on the lens…so remem­ber to keep dry­ing it off.
But that’s a whole lot of Sum­mer splash­ing toward the view­er there, and it makes for a much bet­ter shot.

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