This is total­ly off top­ic… but hey, it’s MY BLOG, right 🙂

A friend from my home­town is send­ing his son up to Rochester for a hock­ey game and won­dered what 18–23 year olds could do in Rochester. So I, the old guy, left it up to my #1 Assis­tant pal (20 some­thing) Natal­ie. Here’s what she said and some of my thoughts, direc­tions and few oth­er ideas tacked on. Also, this is around Hal­loween 2009, so some of the events will be dat­ed if you are see­ing this lat­er. Deal with it.

(Any of these things you could google to find, or tell a cab­bie… they are very well known and I’m adding the road name where I can)

OK, word is in from my young assis­tant Natal­ie:
If they are in the Hal­loween spir­it there are a lot of great Hal­loween things going on this week­end like the Haunt­ed Manor in South Town Plaza (Jef­fer­son Road in Hen­ri­et­ta)- They have three haunt­ed hous­es and a few oth­er “halloween/spooky” events.

Fear at Fron­tier is at Fron­tier Field (Down­town near State Street, our AAA base­ball sta­di­um).

Also, Brown’s Berry Patch has apple pick­ing and things like that, I did that this week­end and it was pret­ty fun. (Ken Note: I’m real­ly glad Natal­ie men­tioned this… I’d feel old and uncool doing it, but some of the apple pick­ing things around here are cool… and there’s the corn mazes and if you have time to trav­el a bit, Letch­worth State park is fan­tas­tic. Real­ly a des­ti­na­tion for pho­tos, walk­ing or this time of year with the leaves turn­ing for Fall.)


The George East­man House has a new exhib­it. (Ken note… look, I know this is geeky, but it is sort of a cool place. It’s a total 1900’s man­sion and they have pho­to shows up and cam­era stuff. A place to eat, etc. GEH is close to Fish­er area too, it’s on East Avenue)

Garbage Plates from Nick Tahous (which got renamed to Ste­vie T’s) is a must. (ya, this and the Dinosaur BBQ are to total­ly great home­town places for food. Nick­’s is in a tough neigh­bor­hood, right off main street.… but the garbage plate is total guy food. Dino is right down­town, like Canal street and one of the best BBQ places I’ve ever been to. Bik­ers hang out there too, which gives it some cred 🙂

And if they like to drink all the most pop­u­lar bars are on the cor­ner of East and Alexan­der Street… there are about 6–10 just right in a row.

How do those things sound? Hope that helps!

More Ken Stuff:
The Lit­tle The­atre is our cool inde­pen­dent movie house. Right now they have a movie with The Edge and Jim­my Page and oth­er stuff:

Geva Com­e­dy Improv is doing Hal­loween and Zom­bie com­e­dy shows:
I work with these guys, they rock and are loved by the col­lege set

Always some­thing going on at RIT. Top class hock­ey team. My school 🙂 Even just check­ing out the cam­pus is fun… they have a Ben and Jer­ry’s ice cream, a great cof­fee shop, etc

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