This is totally off topic… but hey, it’s MY BLOG, right πŸ™‚

A friend from my hometown is sending his son up to Rochester for a hockey game and wondered what 18-23 year olds could do in Rochester. So I, the old guy, left it up to my #1 Assistant pal (20 something) Natalie. Here’s what she said and some of my thoughts, directions and few other ideas tacked on. Also, this is around Halloween 2009, so some of the events will be dated if you are seeing this later. Deal with it.

(Any of these things you could google to find, or tell a cabbie… they are very well known and I’m adding the road name where I can)

OK, word is in from my young assistant Natalie:
If they are in the Halloween spirit there are a lot of great Halloween things going on this weekend like the Haunted Manor in South Town Plaza (Jefferson Road in Henrietta)- They have three haunted houses and a few other “halloween/spooky” events.

Fear at Frontier is at Frontier Field (Downtown near State Street, our AAA baseball stadium).

Also, Brown’s Berry Patch has apple picking and things like that, I did that this weekend and it was pretty fun. (Ken Note: I’m really glad Natalie mentioned this… I’d feel old and uncool doing it, but some of the apple picking things around here are cool… and there’s the corn mazes and if you have time to travel a bit, Letchworth State park is fantastic. Really a destination for photos, walking or this time of year with the leaves turning for Fall.)


The George Eastman House has a new exhibit. (Ken note… look, I know this is geeky, but it is sort of a cool place. It’s a total 1900’s mansion and they have photo shows up and camera stuff. A place to eat, etc. GEH is close to Fisher area too, it’s on East Avenue)

Garbage Plates from Nick Tahous (which got renamed to Stevie T’s) is a must. (ya, this and the Dinosaur BBQ are to totally great hometown places for food. Nick’s is in a tough neighborhood, right off main street…. but the garbage plate is total guy food. Dino is right downtown, like Canal street and one of the best BBQ places I’ve ever been to. Bikers hang out there too, which gives it some cred πŸ™‚

And if they like to drink all the most popular bars are on the corner of East and Alexander Street… there are about 6-10 just right in a row.

How do those things sound? Hope that helps!

More Ken Stuff:
The Little Theatre is our cool independent movie house. Right now they have a movie with The Edge and Jimmy Page and other stuff:

Geva Comedy Improv is doing Halloween and Zombie comedy shows:
I work with these guys, they rock and are loved by the college set

Always something going on at
RIT. Top class hockey team. My school πŸ™‚ Even just checking out the campus is fun… they have a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, a great coffee shop, etc

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