YMCA Triangle Celebrates a Great Year

What a great event to kickoff my work with the YMCA of the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham NC region). They wrapped up a wildly successful $5.76million campaign (100% of the money goes to support local community programs), they honored a lifelong Y supporter (and former Raleigh mayor) Tom Bradshaw, and they kicked it off in true Y style with a wild jump rope exhibition by USA National Champs the Cary Family YMCA Super Skippers!

Enjoy a peek at the event:


  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8543
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8631
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8508
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8556
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8578
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8660
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8666
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8745
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8674
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8676
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8587
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8733
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8739
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8763
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8792
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8809
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8813
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8860
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8934
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8945
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9006
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9453
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9183
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_8756
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9283
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9388
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9404
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9476
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9484
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_9466


see more photos from this event HERE.

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