YMCA Invest In Youth Victory Dinner…. 70’s Style:

You can’t deny it… the YMCA is outa sight man:HuthPhoto_KAH_4585.jpg
The Y celebrated shattering all previous goals for their ‘Invest in Youth’ campaign (Helps families afford Y services and so many kids to go to camp). I had an amazing time and they even gave me one stylin’ shirt to wear 🙂

HuthPhoto_KAH_5292.jpg HuthPhoto_KAH_4781.jpg HuthPhoto_KAH_4732.jpg HuthPhoto_KAH_4708.jpg   HuthPhoto_KAH_4661.jpgHuthPhoto_KAH_4621.jpgHuthPhoto_KAH_5322.jpg

With my Y groovy gals: Karen, Katie, Heather and Mary Kay (who thinks these things up!)

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