This is the biggest change in cam­era tech in about ten years, and real­ly answers a lot of peo­ple’s real needs (not just adding bells & whis­tles and sell­ing more megapix­els). This is all about get­ting bet­ter pho­tos, with a cam­era you love to grab and take every­where! This info might apply to indi­vid­u­als as well as com­pa­nies, but the focus is on busi­ness PR clients buy­ing a cam­era to take great pho­tos.

Which Camera Should I Buy For Business/Organization Clients?

Fuji X20 promo

Fuji­Film’s web site has tons of info… and look how com­pact the cam­era is!

The basic choice is always snap cam­era (most brands are just fine… I’ve liked Canon bet­ter late­ly), then SLR like the Canon Rebel is what I rec­om­mend­ed before (bet­ter qual­i­ty, bet­ter in low light, can add flash).

But now the ‘mir­ror­less’ cam­eras are a won­der­ful mid­dle.

They have nice zooms, some built in, some you can even buy sep­a­rate lens­es. The built in flash qual­i­ty is good and you can add exter­nal flash (unlike snap­shot cam­eras). And the price is just a tad more than the bet­ter snap cam­eras (about $100 more at $500). Which is less than going the Rebel route.

All do full HD video as well, and some have real­ly use­ful flip out LCD screens for low or high-angle shoot­ing.

I think the sweet spot for many clients & orga­ni­za­tions is the Fuji X30 for $500 (the new ver­sion of what Lydia has in the pho­to below):
Learn about the Fuji X30 on Ama­zon

With the built-in WiFi, you can push a but­ton and get the pho­to right onto your smart­phone to post instant­ly to social media. Your tweets now don’t have to just be iPhone snaps, they can be full qual­i­ty images.

The next step up is my Fuji X‑E2, which is a real­ly nice step in qual­i­ty ($999 with lens): 
Learn about the FujiX-E2 on Ama­zon

You trade small size for the abil­i­ty to add lens­es in the future. It also has a nicer, funky pop-up flash. I still rec­om­mend get­ting a real flash to go with any cam­era, but it’s a start.

I think the Fuji X10 is an awe­some snap camera/learning cam­era for $350. It’s what I used to talk this pho­to below in Durham:
Learn about the Fuji X10 on Ama­zon


Lydia with X10-HuthPhoto-DSCF2967

Lydia using the X20, tak­en by me on the very inex­pen­sive Fuji X10. Love their BW mode, love­ly tones.

Why are these cameras so awesome?

  • They have all of the things you need to learn or take great shots very acces­si­ble on dials, etc.
  • The col­or and sharp­ness of the images is won­der­ful.
  • They have very ‘bright’ lens­es, which help indoors and to get that love­ly, soft back­ground.
  • They are much eas­i­er to take places, car­ry around that the big SLRs. So you’ll real­ly use it.
  • They have a cool, retro look that starts con­ver­sa­tions.
  • Many have the expan­sion of SLRs, but at a more sane price
  • The size makes a full camera/lens/flash much small­er to tote around or fly with.
  • It’s hard to describe, but they just are so sol­id, set up right, you just want to grab it and use it.

Check out the pho­tos I got with the least expen­sive of the fam­i­ly, the FujiX10 HERE.


Why Might I Want a Bigger DSLR Camera Instead?

You might have spe­cif­ic needs that would be well served with the larg­er, DSLR cam­era (you know, the larg­er cam­eras where you change the lens­es). Maybe you’ve already invest­ed in decent lens­es and so it makes sense, or maybe you take lots of pho­tos of stage pro­duc­tions or in super-dim envi­ron­ments— then a DSLR is still a great choice.

Here’s a sam­ple kit that would serve you well:

  • Canon 7Dii (make sure it’s not the old 7D but the new 2nd gen­er­a­tion) or even bet­ter the Canon 6D (about $300 more, and bet­ter in low light). The 6D with a nice lens and flash is about $2800 new (see below for refur­bished deals note)
  • Canon 430EX II Flash gives pow­er for those group pho­tos and allows point­ing up to the ceil­ing for sim­ple, love­ly bounce flash
  • If you don’t have a lens, you can actu­al­ly go a tad cheap­er on them these days, because the cam­eras have such amaz­ing hight ISO speed, if the lens ends up at F4 or F5.6, you aren’t in trou­ble for too-dark pho­tos
  • As always, get a sec­ond cam­era bat­tery, 2 sets of NiMH recharge­ables for the flash, a clear ‘sky­light’ fil­ter to pro­tect your lens, etc
  • Get great deals on this equip­ment from Canon’s Refur­bished Store Bod­ies, Lens­es & FlashWe buy a lot of equip­ment this way & Canon still war­ranties the prod­ucts. Things come and go out of stock, so you do have to be patient on when you pur­chase.
  • Fuji SLR? And if I got you con­sid­er­ing the Fuji­Film cam­eras above, they also have a nifty SLR the X‑T1 . With a nice lens, it’s a good bit less cost than the Canons. Here’s the com­pat­i­ble flash the EF-42You can get the whole kit for about $2100.


One last DIY tip:

You can always do great research, see sam­ple images etc on my favorite cam­era site Dig­i­tal Pho­to Review


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