Since I was so hard on organizations not using photos quickly on the web, here are some examples of clients doing big things right on the web.

RIT Reunion:

For a number of years now, RIT has let me run with this idea of a ‘Virtual Reunion’. We post photos throughout the weekend to a site I create and this year I tested this new interface where comments can be left, photos can be sent as e-cards, music can be played, etc.

Results: 3061 Unique Visitors (not ‘hits’ or counting people twice, actual different people). More people saw the photos than attended Reunion.281,000 Page views… that’s huge. My normal would be around 6,000 for a week.

For the ImagineRIT event, my Associate Ron Cronk and I did the same thing with big results:Over 3000 viewers on Flickr (over 20,000 image views of any sort on Flickr… not counting people just seeing the slide show on the RIT site
To my web site’s ImagineRIT Gallery:Over 1100 unique visitors in 3 daysOver 13,000 page views
OK, less chatter from me and more examples to inspire you…

Harley School:
They have a system built into their new web site design and can easily upload my photos. Under the ‘News & Events’ Menu, click Media Gallery.


I do online slideshows like this for my top clients (that I know will share them), and the UofR does a great job of promoting what I’ve done. The Wilmott Cancer Center and the UR School of Nursing particularly promote when I create online photo content for them. I see people visiting these shows for months after an event.

One very telling thing is that I see that many people will Google the name of a major event, or the organization and will find my site with these shows… so if your attendees are looking that hard for the photos, you know eventually all client web sites will be set up to show off things like this.

RIT (Again!):
Innovation must be in the water at RIT, because they let me try so many things and they really run with new ideas.

RIT hosted a cool conference for kids in elite science and tech high schools. I covered the event and they wanted my photos right away for a dinner slide show and they paid me to create this online component. I even did this wild 3-D gallery as part of it, figuring tech kids would enjoy the fun interface.

Thanks so much to all of my clients that have been so supportive of these projects… this kind of display of my best work really gets me excited and I think is a ‘Wow’ for event attendees.

Homework: How can you use these ideas with your photos at your next event? What IT person can you befriend to get support to put photos up right after an event, rather that weeks later when no one is looking any more? What can you change with your next web redux to make a space for simple (but elegant ala Harley School) galleries.

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