Since I was so hard on orga­ni­za­tions not using pho­tos quick­ly on the web, here are some exam­ples of clients doing big things right on the web.

RIT Reunion:

For a num­ber of years now, RIT has let me run with this idea of a ‘Vir­tu­al Reunion’. We post pho­tos through­out the week­end to a site I cre­ate and this year I test­ed this new inter­face where com­ments can be left, pho­tos can be sent as e-cards, music can be played, etc.

Results: 3061 Unique Vis­i­tors (not ‘hits’ or count­ing peo­ple twice, actu­al dif­fer­ent peo­ple). More peo­ple saw the pho­tos than attend­ed Reunion.281,000 Page views… that’s huge. My nor­mal would be around 6,000 for a week.

For the Imag­ineR­IT event, my Asso­ciate Ron Cronk and I did the same thing with big results:Over 3000 view­ers on Flickr (over 20,000 image views of any sort on Flickr… not count­ing peo­ple just see­ing the slide show on the RIT site
To my web site’s Imag­ineR­IT Gallery:Over 1100 unique vis­i­tors in 3 daysOver 13,000 page views
OK, less chat­ter from me and more exam­ples to inspire you…

Harley School:
They have a sys­tem built into their new web site design and can eas­i­ly upload my pho­tos. Under the ‘News & Events’ Menu, click Media Gallery.


I do online slideshows like this for my top clients (that I know will share them), and the UofR does a great job of pro­mot­ing what I’ve done. The Wilmott Can­cer Cen­ter and the UR School of Nurs­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly pro­mote when I cre­ate online pho­to con­tent for them. I see peo­ple vis­it­ing these shows for months after an event.

One very telling thing is that I see that many peo­ple will Google the name of a major event, or the orga­ni­za­tion and will find my site with these shows… so if your atten­dees are look­ing that hard for the pho­tos, you know even­tu­al­ly all client web sites will be set up to show off things like this.

RIT (Again!):
Inno­va­tion must be in the water at RIT, because they let me try so many things and they real­ly run with new ideas.

RIT host­ed a cool con­fer­ence for kids in elite sci­ence and tech high schools. I cov­ered the event and they want­ed my pho­tos right away for a din­ner slide show and they paid me to cre­ate this online com­po­nent. I even did this wild 3-D gallery as part of it, fig­ur­ing tech kids would enjoy the fun inter­face.

Thanks so much to all of my clients that have been so sup­port­ive of these projects… this kind of dis­play of my best work real­ly gets me excit­ed and I think is a ‘Wow’ for event atten­dees.

Home­work: How can you use these ideas with your pho­tos at your next event? What IT per­son can you befriend to get sup­port to put pho­tos up right after an event, rather that weeks lat­er when no one is look­ing any more? What can you change with your next web redux to make a space for sim­ple (but ele­gant ala Harley School) gal­leries.

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