What a riot of a show. This will be a huge hit for Geva. Don’t let the name put you off… I mean, what was ‘Mon­ty Python’s Fly­ing Cir­cus’ any­way?! It’s just a goofy musi­cal, dark com­e­dy, set in a rough future with a water prob­lem… which makes it a ‘Priv­iledge to Pee’. Once you get past the title, and gen­er­al idea, there’s very lit­tle to object to in the show… we’re tak­ing the kids.
If you want an idea of what Urin­town (not the place of course, the musi­cal) is like, check out their Tony Award per­for­mance video HERE

See a cool Flash Gallery of my pho­tos from the show HERE in my ‘Secret Hide­out’.

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