Copywork Talk

I had a nice ses­sion teach­ing the Wayne Coun­ty Arts group how to copy their art­work and tweak it in Pho­to­shop.

I’ll referred to this great arti­cle from Mac­world.

Here is an arti­cle I wrote on the top­ic you can down­load Dig­i­tal Copy­work (It was for a mag­a­zine, so it’s OK for your per­son­al use, but not for reprint­ing, etc).

If you went to the talk and want to see the pre­sen­ta­tion and exam­ples again (or if you just want to see a bit of what I said and some tips, here it is in Flash… fair­ly big file, so give it time. )

See it HERE… then Click to advance each slide


Snap of me teach­ing the 3D art por­tion of the talk (like from the Mac­world arti­cle) Thanks for the pho­to Wendy!

Just a quick tip from the talk:
Copywork Talk Fade Remem­ber when doing copy­work that the Pho­to­shop ‘Auto’ lev­els and col­or will often take too much of the nice old ‘sepia’ pati­na out of the image… The answer can be to use Auto Con­trast (which leaves your col­or alone) or bet­ter still, no mat­ter what way you adjust the col­or and con­trast, use the ‘Fade’ com­mand to bring it back a bit to that nice, warm look. Many of the pho­tos in his­to­ry did­n’t look stark black and white even when they were cre­at­ed (depend­ing on the tone, paper, process), so by stay­ing a bit warmer on your copy­work, you might also be being more true to the orig­i­nal.

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