Copywork Talk

I had a nice session teaching the Wayne County Arts group how to copy their artwork and tweak it in Photoshop.

I’ll referred to this great article from Macworld.

Here is an article I wrote on the topic you can download Digital Copywork (It was for a magazine, so it’s OK for your personal use, but not for reprinting, etc).

If you went to the talk and want to see the presentation and examples again (or if you just want to see a bit of what I said and some tips, here it is in Flash… fairly big file, so give it time. )

See it HERE… then Click to advance each slide


Snap of me teaching the 3D art portion of the talk (like from the Macworld article) Thanks for the photo Wendy!

Just a quick tip from the talk:
Copywork Talk Fade Remember when doing copywork that the Photoshop ‘Auto’ levels and color will often take too much of the nice old ‘sepia’ patina out of the image… The answer can be to use Auto Contrast (which leaves your color alone) or better still, no matter what way you adjust the color and contrast, use the ‘Fade’ command to bring it back a bit to that nice, warm look. Many of the photos in history didn’t look stark black and white even when they were created (depending on the tone, paper, process), so by staying a bit warmer on your copywork, you might also be being more true to the original.

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