A client friend asked about this, and since it comes up so much, I’ll sug­gest you click on the ‘Canon Cam­eras’ in the Cat­e­gories list and scroll down to the sec­ond page to read it all… but here’s my syn­op­sis to get you start­ed:

Now in 2009, it isn’t as crit­i­cal for a choice between Nikon and Canon… the Nikon is much improved with high ISO, but at the time, I was get­ting uggo dig­i­tal noise at 500 ISO with Nikons and Canon was beau­ti­ful at 1600–2500ISO in the dark tones, which is crit­i­cal for me in the­atre (I do Geva and Naz The­atre).

I also real­ly felt that Nikon stopped car­ing about pros. They did a num­ber of total­ly crap­py repairs on my stuff, their rub­ber body mold­ing would fall off of $5000 cam­eras and they could­n’t fix it, just stu­pid cheap stuff (the repair thing was real­ly point­ed out to me when an inde­pen­dent repair shop asked me ‘who fixed this last??!… it was so poor­ly done)
Lit­tle things like Canon just ship­ping me a lit­tle miss­ing part as a favor to a pro, etc. made a big dif­fer­ence. Oh, and I don’t know about cur­rent cam­eras, but my Nikons nev­er quite focused right, I was always baby­ing them… and I just took it for grant­ed until using my Canon and I was stunned at my fast, accu­rate focus.
So, who know’s today, but that was my rea­son­ing 2 years ago before the Nikon D3 came out. And I’m still VERY hap­py with my cam­eras. Also now, I have had much few­er repair issues.

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