I’ll get more in detail on this someday, but I’ve just switched from my Nikon cameras to Canon after 20 years.
Funny thing is back then I was shooting Canon and switched to Nikon when autofocus first started!
And waay before that… can anyone say ‘Yashika?! in High School.

So why did I switch and what do I think so far, everyone asks:
• I shoot lots of theatre, and so Canon is undisputedly better at high ISO (I just did a Geva shoot and didn’t hesitate to use 1600)
• I’ve had some repair issues with Nikon’s Pro Service and my most recent two cameras had manufacture flaws that bugged me (dead pixels on the CCD)
• I was ready to replace my long lens with a zoom version, since I’d need that more with my current PR shooting and I was drooling over the Image Stabilization that I could get (Nikon makes that too… but when I compared both, I liked the build of the Canon better)
• The lens that kept being repaired poorly broke one last time! So I need to replace my other key lens, and after paying $1500 for it and then another $900+ in repairs, I was ready to switch
• The Canon doesn’t seem to have the focusing problems that the Nikon’s I’ve owned do (I’ve had D1, D1X and D200s)…It’s a relief to just have a shot be in focus most of the time

The folks at Rowe Photo here in Rochester NY let me try everything out and my associate Ron loaned me his top-of-the-line Canon for a few shoots (Big Thanks Ron!!)… and the key was, the files were just plain better based on what I shoot and how I shoot (Both companies are fine, and your mileage may vary, but I really was impressed with the Canon).

Sorry this is so text heavy, but since folks were asking, that’s a start to the answer.

I bought a Canon 5D and it comes in a nice kit now. Total outlay around $8000… relief when photos are sharp and low grain at high ISO… Priceless 🙂

Next, I’ll bust on the Canon a bit.


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