I’m on another kick to improve my lighting…. seems like it hits me every once in a while that I’m not as good as I should be in some area & lighting is often it. With my new Canon 1D, I’m very happy that I remember to shoot a bit more creatively with natural light and the off-camera flash controls are easier to set (I think) than my old Nikon ones… so I’m more into using my flash totally wireless.

KAH_0415 (1).jpg
A ‘no flash’ shot, since the 1D has such great high ISO (this is 2000 ISO) For the URMC Wilmot Cancer Center in Rochester NY.

Flash wireless… above subject and left… note the cheek near me isn’t lit.

So, in improving my color with the expodisc (I didn’t have it yet for this shoot) and now learning with the great web resources about taking my lighting to the next level. The guys at Studio Lighting have a great podcast where they interview photogs good at lighting and I’m loving going to those sites and seeing the great images the guests take. Along with that, they have some training DVDs I’ll have to check out… some clips are online, like THIS ONE on a simple two-flash location portrait, done guerilla-style. Check out their Strobist blog too for tons of great info. And really, they cover all lighting areas… I have found much more on location lighting (which I do mostly) than on huge studio shoots. Read, listen, learn and enjoy!

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