I’m on anoth­er kick to improve my light­ing.… seems like it hits me every once in a while that I’m not as good as I should be in some area & light­ing is often it. With my new Canon 1D, I’m very hap­py that I remem­ber to shoot a bit more cre­ative­ly with nat­ur­al light and the off-cam­era flash con­trols are eas­i­er to set (I think) than my old Nikon ones… so I’m more into using my flash total­ly wire­less.

KAH_0415 (1).jpg
A ‘no flash’ shot, since the 1D has such great high ISO (this is 2000 ISO) For the URMC Wilmot Can­cer Cen­ter in Rochester NY.

Flash wire­less… above sub­ject and left… note the cheek near me isn’t lit.

So, in improv­ing my col­or with the expodisc (I did­n’t have it yet for this shoot) and now learn­ing with the great web resources about tak­ing my light­ing to the next lev­el. The guys at Stu­dio Light­ing have a great pod­cast where they inter­view pho­togs good at light­ing and I’m lov­ing going to those sites and see­ing the great images the guests take. Along with that, they have some train­ing DVDs I’ll have to check out… some clips are online, like THIS ONE on a sim­ple two-flash loca­tion por­trait, done gueril­la-style. Check out their Stro­bist blog too for tons of great info. And real­ly, they cov­er all light­ing areas… I have found much more on loca­tion light­ing (which I do most­ly) than on huge stu­dio shoots. Read, lis­ten, learn and enjoy!

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