We’re lov­ing play­ing on the Nin­ten­to Wii that we got in late Novem­ber. Was it worth chas­ing and stand­ing in line for at Best Buy??… You bet!

Here are snaps of stand­ing in line for the Wii.

PS: I hate my Treo’s cam­era… I can’t wait for the iPhone from Apple!

The best part of the wait was the peo­ple. Goof­ing off is a lost art for most of us these days, so it was refresh­ing to do some­thing so weird as this and pull pranks on the folks who drove up (telling them we were in line for an ‘Amer­i­can Idol’ try­out… (see pho­tos right)

We now have over 24 hours logged play­ing Zel­da and it’s real­ly been a fan­tas­tic time with Col­in and Lydia to solve things togeth­er and fight the bad­dies. I nev­er could have imag­ined in the old D&D 1970’s that this kind of game could have evolved for my kids!

Hey, and I got my Wii Fit­ness age down to the min­i­mum of 20! Now just to hit the tread­mill to make my body look wor­thy of that Wii age 😉

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