A friend asked about my light­ing, and here’s what I said…

Yup, on the Flash shots I’m using my Gary Fong dif­fuser.

I use the ‘Reporter’ Size of this .
But I don’t see it for sale, just the big­ger ‘Stu­dio’ Size, so I’m won­der­ing if there’s an upgrade com­ing? The pre­vi­ous mod­els would fall off too eas­i­ly.


I was helped a lot at the GEH shoot by some nat­ur­al light fil­ter­ing in too.
This shot is prob­a­bly the best exam­ple in a ‘nor­mal’ sit­u­a­tion.


I can leave it on my cam­era with­out using the PC cord I used to use and the light is pret­ty soft for rel­a­tive­ly on cam­era direct flash (but the flash is aimed up for some bounce… but in this shot, the ceil­ing is too high to help). You can see the soft shad­ow cast­ed behind them.

In the oth­er shots in the the­ater, just noth­ing short of a total­ly off cam­era light is decent. That room is meant to be dark for movies and has yucky green walls… So that’s the Whale­tale Reporter too, but there’s only so much it can do.
And you know I always try to bring up the ambi­ent when pos­si­ble with some shut­ter drag like 15th-30th sec­ond.

HuthPhoto_KAH_4647 (1).jpg
The best light was the God giv­en stuff out­side… like the Glin­da and donor shots, just can’t fake that with flash, right 😉 (But I did help along the face shot of Glin­da with some ‘glow’ effects…

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