A friend asked about my lighting, and here’s what I said…

Yup, on the Flash shots I’m using my Gary Fong diffuser.

I use the ‘Reporter’ Size of this .
But I don’t see it for sale, just the bigger ‘Studio’ Size, so I’m wondering if there’s an upgrade coming? The previous models would fall off too easily.


I was helped a lot at the GEH shoot by some natural light filtering in too.
This shot is probably the best example in a ‘normal’ situation.


I can leave it on my camera without using the PC cord I used to use and the light is pretty soft for relatively on camera direct flash (but the flash is aimed up for some bounce… but in this shot, the ceiling is too high to help). You can see the soft shadow casted behind them.

In the other shots in the theater, just nothing short of a totally off camera light is decent. That room is meant to be dark for movies and has yucky green walls… So that’s the Whaletale Reporter too, but there’s only so much it can do.
And you know I always try to bring up the ambient when possible with some shutter drag like 15th-30th second.

HuthPhoto_KAH_4647 (1).jpg
The best light was the God given stuff outside… like the Glinda and donor shots, just can’t fake that with flash, right 😉 (But I did help along the face shot of Glinda with some ‘glow’ effects…

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