I’m sneaking away with the kids today to see ‘Meet the Robinsons’, the new Disney/Pixar movie.. the trailers and reviews in Plugged In look good… plus we’re going to see it in their new 3D, which should be cool!
We’ve loved the 3D Disney used for the Muppets in the DisneyMGM park and the newer movie they did at Disney World in 3D was even a step nicer (some sort of big Micky orchestra thing with all of the old characters… I don’t remember the name)… so I wonder how this 3D will look.
We’re going to the Tinsel town theater, which I love for the big screens.

So hope you can sneak away soon too! I’ve just been tired of telling the kids ‘later, I’m working’ so now is my chance 🙂

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