I’m sneak­ing away with the kids today to see ‘Meet the Robin­sons’, the new Disney/Pixar movie.. the trail­ers and reviews in Plugged In look good… plus we’re going to see it in their new 3D, which should be cool!
We’ve loved the 3D Dis­ney used for the Mup­pets in the Dis­neyMGM park and the new­er movie they did at Dis­ney World in 3D was even a step nicer (some sort of big Micky orches­tra thing with all of the old char­ac­ters… I don’t remem­ber the name)… so I won­der how this 3D will look.
We’re going to the Tin­sel town the­ater, which I love for the big screens.

So hope you can sneak away soon too! I’ve just been tired of telling the kids ‘lat­er, I’m work­ing’ so now is my chance 🙂

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