Bower Bounce Slave Flash

I’m always teach­ing peo­ple that the weak link in any small snap­shot cam­era isn’t the image qual­i­ty, it’s usu­al­ly the flash pow­er. Peo­ple take flash pho­tos all the time and the shots turn out ugly from low pow­er, or just the awful place­ment of the flash by the lens (red-eye any­one?!). I start­ed in dig­i­tal with some snap­shot cam­eras (still $900 back then!!) and a good flash, and you would­n’t have known I was using a snap-lev­el cam­era.

So this is a good idea… a rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive slave flash that bounces (shoots light into the ceil­ing for real­ly pret­ty, soft light).

I haven’t tried it yet, but there’s not much to wor­ry about. It will fire along with your cam­er­a’s tiny flash but with more pow­er and nicer qual­i­ty. One issue you might have is ‘dou­ble flash’ show­ing, where you can sort of tell by two sets of shad­ows that you used two flash­es. If that hap­pens, just get some lit­tle soft­en­ing mate­r­i­al (even a tis­sue fold­ed over, or some frost­ed plas­tic) and use it to make your cam­er­a’s flash out­put enough to trig­ger the slave, but not so much that it has a big effect on your image.

And for real­ly tough shots like group pho­tos, or sub­jects a bit away, you’ll nev­er see your tiny on-cam­era flash any­way (which is why you bought a big slave flash in the first place!).

And it opens up the pos­si­bil­i­ty of cre­ative light­ing, but using it as a flash even more off-cam­era for dif­fer­ent light­ing effects, as not­ed here.


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