Public Folder

Ron just asked about easily transferring his daughter Annie’s music from his desktop to her account on his laptop (same computer, but I also note multiple-computer info too).

Maybe this’ll help someone else too:

Put the files here: Macintosh HD/Users/Annie(or whatever it is for her username)/Public/Dropbox
Or enable sharing on a folder from the Prefs
We each have a folder labeled ‘Ken’s Stuff to Share’ (each family member with their own name of course) and have that enabled for all in the family to see. It’s in our Public folders and then with Sharing on in prefs for all of our computers in the family, that all shows up in the finder on the left under ‘Shared’. I’ve then drug that folder to the toolbar in the finder window so it’s always easy for me to find my folder for sharing stuff with the family.

Rock on!

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