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Ron just asked about eas­i­ly trans­fer­ring his daugh­ter Annie’s music from his desk­top to her account on his lap­top (same com­put­er, but I also note mul­ti­ple-com­put­er info too).

Maybe this’ll help some­one else too:

Put the files here: Mac­in­tosh HD/Users/Annie(or what­ev­er it is for her username)/Public/Dropbox
Or enable shar­ing on a fold­er from the Prefs
We each have a fold­er labeled ‘Ken’s Stuff to Share’ (each fam­i­ly mem­ber with their own name of course) and have that enabled for all in the fam­i­ly to see. It’s in our Pub­lic fold­ers and then with Shar­ing on in prefs for all of our com­put­ers in the fam­i­ly, that all shows up in the find­er on the left under ‘Shared’. I’ve then drug that fold­er to the tool­bar in the find­er win­dow so it’s always easy for me to find my fold­er for shar­ing stuff with the fam­i­ly.

Rock on!

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