I just wrapped up (no pun intended) the YMCA bus wrap project.
I think that Carrie Greno (formerly of Normal Communications) did a terrific job on the graphic design. She worked to amplify the logo and ‘seasons’ concept that Patti Keirsbilck created for the Y’s annual report.
The wrap includes 17 of my recent images for the Y. It’ll be fun seeing that driving around Rochester for the next few months… only wish HuthPhoto.com could be on their somewhere!

Bus wraps are like billboards. They print low-res (since you don’t put your nose up to them like a 4×6” snapshot), but they’re still HUGE… I mean, the size of a bus, pretty much. So the specs were minimum 80” high @ 75 PPI… Files were around 156 megs.
Add a comment when you see one and let me know what you think.

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