I just wrapped up (no pun intend­ed) the YMCA bus wrap project.
I think that Car­rie Greno (for­mer­ly of Nor­mal Com­mu­ni­ca­tions) did a ter­rif­ic job on the graph­ic design. She worked to ampli­fy the logo and ‘sea­sons’ con­cept that Pat­ti Keirs­bil­ck cre­at­ed for the Y’s annu­al report.
The wrap includes 17 of my recent images for the Y. It’ll be fun see­ing that dri­ving around Rochester for the next few months… only wish HuthPhoto.com could be on their some­where!

Bus wraps are like bill­boards. They print low-res (since you don’t put your nose up to them like a 4x6” snap­shot), but they’re still HUGE… I mean, the size of a bus, pret­ty much. So the specs were min­i­mum 80” high @ 75 PPI… Files were around 156 megs.
Add a com­ment when you see one and let me know what you think.

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