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And now that you’re done watching that, the history of ScoobyDooMistakes:

When I was but a wee lit­tle bab­by, I grew up on Scoo­by-Doo, as I imag­ine a lot of you did. Even though it was a show from the late 60s and ear­ly 70s, reruns of the orig­i­nal episodes were still com­mon on Car­toon Net­work “back in my day.” I remem­ber hav­ing VHS tapes of Scoo­by marathons that I liked to watch on sick days… fun times.

Even back when I was lit­tle, I was pret­ty obser­vant, and would notice errors in the ani­ma­tion. Lat­er on, I’d watch episodes on my first-gen iPod Touch, take screen­shots of fun­ny things I found, and then show them to fam­i­ly. Even lat­er on, when my lit­tle broth­er Oliv­er was old enough, I start­ed show­ing him the episodes, and going frame-by-frame through the errors to take pho­tos of what I had found.

About a year ago, I decid­ed to cre­ate a blog to house the mis­takes — orig­i­nal­ly, it was a total secret, just act­ing as a con­ve­nient place to put the pho­tos, each com­plete with a short expla­na­tion as to what’s going on. The plan was, I’d send friends there, for their view­ing plea­sure.

…ok, to be fair, I don’t have much in the way of friends, so admit­ted­ly, there was one kink in the plan. 

After a while, though, I real­ized that there might be few peo­ple on Tum­blr who would like Scooby­DooMis­takes, so I start­ed adding a hand­ful of rel­e­vant tags to the posts. They got a cou­ple notes, and peo­ple were obvi­ous­ly enjoy­ing them, so I start­ed to tag things even bet­ter. Before too long, the blog had 10 fol­low­ers, and then 20, and then 50, and then 100… and so, I just kept post­ing and post­ing.

I improved the pre­sen­ta­tion, improved the cap­tions, and gen­er­al­ly did every­thing I could to make it as engag­ing and enjoy­able as pos­si­ble. It real­ly seemed to strike a chord with peo­ple… espe­cial­ly the poor­ly-drawn faces. Derps such as Shag­gy eat­ing a pineap­ple got over 14,000 notes, and one frame from an ani­ma­tion of Shag and Scoob mak­ing sand­wich­es man­aged to achieve 56,000+. Even the Scoo­by derp series that pushed us over 10k got 4,300 in only 12 hours — pret­ty crazy, huh?

As for the future of Scoo­by Doo mis­takes, it will nev­er, ever stop. After we fin­ish going through the old series of movies, I’ll look at lat­er sea­sons of Scoo­by-Doo, and see if any of them stand up to the orig­i­nals in terms of derp qual­i­ty.

And even when we final­ly have com­plet­ed our quest, hav­ing have found every animator’s mis­take, and doc­u­ment­ed every hilar­i­ous derp, I’ll just start repost­ing old mis­takes that most of you have nev­er got­ten a chance to see. Don’t wor­ry, you’ll nev­er have to live with­out your dai­ly Scoo­by fix!

OK, I think that just about con­cludes the his­to­ry… to wrap things up, I’d just like to say, to all of you loy­al SDM fans out there: thank you, from the bot­tom of my heart. Even though all you’re doing is look­ing at fun­ny pic­tures on Tum­blr, and this blog hasn’t put a pen­ny in my pock­et, thank you for look­ing and enjoy­ing.

In all hon­esty, the past three years of my life have been pret­ty awful, and I haven’t had any­one to go through it with. What makes me feel bet­ter, though, is mak­ing oth­er peo­ple hap­pi­er — so you can imag­ine just how nice it is to see the notes on a post go up and up, and know that each one rep­re­sents some­one who got an extra chuck­le in their day.

So yes, thank you all, sin­cere­ly and tru­ly, and let’s keep work­ing to make Tum­blr a hap­pi­er, fun­nier place for every­one!

Thanks for read­ing, and keep spread­ing the Scoo­by love,



Ps. How do you feel about, say… one post an hour, for the next 24 hours, to cel­e­brate?

Need a laugh? Check out Scoo­by Doo Mis­takes. Col­in has an awe­some way of point­ing out the gaffs, cre­at­ing the gifs, and gen­er­at­ing the guf­faws in our house & he’ll have you dying laugh­ing at how bad the ani­ma­tion is.

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