It seems like our fam­i­ly is the guinea pigs on the whole Rose­land Water Park thing in Canandaigua. Man, every­one is ask­ing how we liked it and say­ing ‘We’ve thought of going, but nev­er have…’
Rose­land was great. A tad expen­sive for what it is, but they make up for it with lit­tle things… Lisa could go in and stomp around with Oliv­er for only $5 and Oliv­er was free. We were all able to eat a good burg­er meal for $18 total which was cheap. They have a nice vari­ety of rides so that Lydia (only 8 and not too adven­tur­ous), even found a slide to enjoy. The wave pool was the biggest hit. Not real­ly crowd­ed at all. Nice small size so you could trust the kids being on a ride while you watched… Col­in, Lydia and I got sun­burned 🙂

We’d def­i­nite­ly go again; the kids are already beg­ging us to. It would be good to hook up with a few fam­i­lies, since the group rate is only like $11 instead of $18+.

They have a very infor­ma­tive web site HERE. We real­ly could plan out what the kids want­ed to try and knew about lock­ers ($5/day)… be warned, if Lisa couldn’t have kept some of our stuff with her, we nev­er could have fit it all in one lock­er… maybe get two.

Lydia loved the Mam­moth Raft Ride where you can have up to 4 peo­ple. It was cute see­ing Col­in and Lydia walk­ing off hand-in-hand lat­er for a solo ride…they are so close.

The Adven­ture Riv­er is a nice way to get start­ed. It was cool that most of the rides you could also use dou­ble-per­son tubes.

Oliv­er did a bit in the Splash Fac­to­ry and just loved splash­ing around. It would be nice to have a ‘big kid’ ver­sion of that. The cut­off was just over Lydia’s height and I’ve seen oth­er places have those areas for big kids as well (but the sep­a­rate one for Oliver’s ages is ter­rif­ic).

So that’s my report. Shout if you are going and we’ll make a group, eh? Or post your opin­ion under the com­ments after you go.

lydie says:
the water park was great! they had won­der­ful food, won­der­ful rides and a won­der­ful gift shop! there is some­thing for every­body.

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