It seems like our family is the guinea pigs on the whole Roseland Water Park thing in Canandaigua. Man, everyone is asking how we liked it and saying ‘We’ve thought of going, but never have…’
Roseland was great. A tad expensive for what it is, but they make up for it with little things… Lisa could go in and stomp around with Oliver for only $5 and Oliver was free. We were all able to eat a good burger meal for $18 total which was cheap. They have a nice variety of rides so that Lydia (only 8 and not too adventurous), even found a slide to enjoy. The wave pool was the biggest hit. Not really crowded at all. Nice small size so you could trust the kids being on a ride while you watched… Colin, Lydia and I got sunburned 🙂

We’d definitely go again; the kids are already begging us to. It would be good to hook up with a few families, since the group rate is only like $11 instead of $18+.

They have a very informative web site HERE. We really could plan out what the kids wanted to try and knew about lockers ($5/day)… be warned, if Lisa couldn’t have kept some of our stuff with her, we never could have fit it all in one locker… maybe get two.

Lydia loved the Mammoth Raft Ride where you can have up to 4 people. It was cute seeing Colin and Lydia walking off hand-in-hand later for a solo ride…they are so close.

The Adventure River is a nice way to get started. It was cool that most of the rides you could also use double-person tubes.

Oliver did a bit in the Splash Factory and just loved splashing around. It would be nice to have a ‘big kid’ version of that. The cutoff was just over Lydia’s height and I’ve seen other places have those areas for big kids as well (but the separate one for Oliver’s ages is terrific).

So that’s my report. Shout if you are going and we’ll make a group, eh? Or post your opinion under the comments after you go.

lydie says:
the water park was great! they had wonderful food, wonderful rides and a wonderful gift shop! there is something for everybody.

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