Sat­ur­day was a great day for Ron, Mar­garet & Annie. I’ll be post­ing more pho­tos over time, but since they snuck off to the Catskills for a week (and Ron with­out a com­put­er!), it will be a bit lat­er in the week.
It was fun to use my Pub­li­ca­tion Shoot­er skills to cap­ture the event. Ron had anoth­er pho­tog­ra­ph­er booked, but they had to leave the coun­try sud­den­ly (OK, I’m just being dra­mat­ic, they are going on a church mis­sions trip that turned into a full blown video job) and so I helped out by tak­ing the pho­tos.
I knew Ron & Mar­garet were hap­py, but they just glowed on Sat­ur­day… and Anne was vibrat­ing with excite­ment.
God Bless the Cronks in their new fam­i­ly!

OK, Ron’s still a *bit* wired… he just e‑mailed me from his phone that he’s shot a cou­ple of gigs of nature pho­tos so far on his hon­ey­moon.

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