Saturday was a great day for Ron, Margaret & Annie. I’ll be posting more photos over time, but since they snuck off to the Catskills for a week (and Ron without a computer!), it will be a bit later in the week.
It was fun to use my Publication Shooter skills to capture the event. Ron had another photographer booked, but they had to leave the country suddenly (OK, I’m just being dramatic, they are going on a church missions trip that turned into a full blown video job) and so I helped out by taking the photos.
I knew Ron & Margaret were happy, but they just glowed on Saturday… and Anne was vibrating with excitement.
God Bless the Cronks in their new family!

OK, Ron’s still a *bit* wired… he just e-mailed me from his phone that he’s shot a couple of gigs of nature photos so far on his honeymoon.

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