Ahhh… I final­ly got the joke, while edit­ing for the RIT Reunion.

RITchie the RIT Tiger was giv­en a but­ton with a tiger on it and peo­ple told me to take a pho­to of it… which I did (what great cus­tomer ser­vice 😉

Any­way, as I was edit­ing, I noticed that I took many pho­tos of the (human) alum­ni with but­tons show­ing them in their younger days…

…and it final­ly hit me, that the but­ton was fun­ny because it was the RIT Tiger in his young col­lege days too.

The ladies from the RIT archive or alum­ni office that pulled the pho­tos from the year­book and made but­tons must have stum­bled onto an old RITchie graph­ic and made it for him too… hee… he looks a bit down in his col­lege days though, don’t you think??  Maybe he was­n’t the cool ath­let­ic-type he is today.

PS- I’m thrilled we have the new RITchie cos­tume (sor­ry to spoil the mag­ic for any­one, but he’s not real). The old one had such a bro­ken up nose, that I spent hours in Pho­to­shop retouch­ing it in every alum­ni pho­to. Now I can relax and enjoy shoot­ing the RITchie antics.

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