Ahhh… I finally got the joke, while editing for the RIT Reunion.

RITchie the RIT Tiger was given a button with a tiger on it and people told me to take a photo of it… which I did (what great customer service 😉

Anyway, as I was editing, I noticed that I took many photos of the (human) alumni with buttons showing them in their younger days…

…and it finally hit me, that the button was funny because it was the RIT Tiger in his young college days too.

The ladies from the RIT archive or alumni office that pulled the photos from the yearbook and made buttons must have stumbled onto an old RITchie graphic and made it for him too… hee… he looks a bit down in his college days though, don’t you think??  Maybe he wasn’t the cool athletic-type he is today.

PS- I’m thrilled we have the new RITchie costume (sorry to spoil the magic for anyone, but he’s not real). The old one had such a broken up nose, that I spent hours in Photoshop retouching it in every alumni photo. Now I can relax and enjoy shooting the RITchie antics.

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