Quick Pho­to­shop Selec­tion Tip:

If you are like me and acci­den­tal­ly goof up a selec­tion you’ve just made (you have a nice selec­tion and when adding to it, you make it dis­ap­pear, or you des­e­lect it and need it again lat­er)… remem­ber that under the ‘Selec­tion’ menu you can choose ‘Res­e­lect’.

If you real­ly love a selec­tion that you might need lat­er, you can choose to save it from the Select menu as well…and then load it any­time you need.

Remem­ber to use you key com­bos too, or the tool option to ‘Add to’ or ‘Sub­tract from’ your selec­tion… you don’t have to get the selec­tion per­fect the first time!

Have a great day!

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